A little info about me

My  name is Keyon Mitchell, and I am from Los Angeles, California where the sun always supposedly shining. I am currently 20 years old, and at this moment highly anticipating my 21st birthday (of which I will not say the date just yet.) I am a rising senior Loyola Marymount University, a smaller institution that plays an important role in my development as a human being in my journey to do the MAGIS. It is a Jesuit institution, which in great part, embodies the ways of St. Ignatius in the movement of “being men AND women for AND WITH others.”  I am studying Biology and simultaneously “attempting” to acquire a minor in English, simply to feed my inner ARTIST. I am deeply involved in my campus and community in an attempt to POSITIVELY INFLUENCE everyone I come into contact with. I am a jumper/sprinter for LMU Track and Field “GO LIONS” and a member of  ΣΦΕ.

I mentioned I am an artist: I represent Honor Flow Productions, shout out to DJ-CHUCK, PAUL, DORM 25, RAY-RAY, and all of our fans. We have been working on an album for about 4 years now, and I cannot wait until it DONE. The progression of the album is mind-boggling, but that is another story all-together. We change the game by bringing funky hip-hop with touches of r&b, blues, and even hints of rock….LOOK out for “V.I.S.I.O.N.S.”   I love to write poetry and prose or just reflections on my day, some may call it “journaling.” I am a man of faith and believe in the power of God and the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. I love to talk to people and get a feel for personality, culture, and passions. I am a hopeless romantic that has fallen in love before and looks forward to the day of finding that special girl who isn’t afraid to fall with me. I love sports and being active and at more than 40% of my day is spent eating, so I usually have a lot of stored energy. I am an easy going guy. I hope you continue to come back and read to get a feel of who I am, and how and why I want to change the world.

Positively Influence




10 thoughts on “A little info about me

  1. Well Key,

    As always I’m proud of you. Keep up the positive and good job.I love every word you said, it is very interesting and full of adive for life.

  2. Hi son your blog page is great. I am waiting for this album and the finished product. Keep up the good work. Hi Chuck.

  3. I can honestly say I have never been a blog reader of anykind, let alone open one.
    You can actually say this is a first for me…
    so feel previlege.

    I can appreciate a long of things your saying. As you know I lke to watch from a far and slowy but surely i have been sliding closer watching you all… toe see who is being or getting serious about life and future. I do say ….
    …. yes, yes, yes finally someone else let alone the youth are taking stands to speak out. I say speak out not just speak. (too many people just speak) Go ahead.
    I got plans not ready to reveal and yes i will be recruiting….
    and i see some pretty good prospects… we can’t wait any longer to take action into a more positive light. Don’t worry I’m not making sense on purpose. but you know what i’m talking about…… stand bye
    unc out

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