Are you afraid to die?

With the recent onset of “popular” death (no pun intended), I have begun to think about the influence a death has. So often, we are asked “Are You Afraid of death?” Maybe not exactly in that context, but some reference is made towards death and dying.  It is safe to say that as soon as we are conceived we are on our road to death, but even before we take our final resting place, we have an effect on the world in some way, shape, or form. Even the mother that decides to dispose of her child in the dumpster behind a dark alley is affected by that life, both psychologically and physically. “Every action has a reaction” I personally feel conception is enough to make a lasting effect (another debate altogether about existence, abortion, and other related topics.)

I sat on a plane, my destination I cannot exactly remember, feeling extremely sad and unsettled at the thought of me dying from a plane crash, or some other accident. What if I were no longer able to see my mother, my sister, my family, my friends, and everyone else who is important in my life? At this moment in my  life, I felt a feeling that I had never felt before. I did not care about my own life. All I could think about was how my mom, sister, and friends would mourn over my death. I think these are some of the same sentiments my dad was thinking right before his death. Sometimes, I still cannot believe he went at that time of day, like that, with no one their, it saddens me and makes me feel out of my skin every single time I tink about it. (But I digress).  I am so used to being present for my friends in times of need, but if I were gone, then I wouldn’t be able to console them, hug them, pray for and with them. I am used to displaying AGAPE. A love that is giving, pure, selfless, motivated, and sincere. On the plane, I had this utter feeling of AGAPE, and if I was dead  I wouldn’t be able to share it. I am alive and I can love, we can all love to change the world. Somewhere in history, humanity created a web of deceit and sin that causes us to fuss, fight, and hate, but peace must be restored and it is up to us to do so. We can have an effect on the world. Rather negatively or positively we influence others in some way. It is up to us to live, and as we live, we must make the world a better place before we die.

Positively Influence,



5 thoughts on “Are you afraid to die?

  1. Hey Keyon!
    I like your blog!
    The other day I took my 5 year old sister to go to Mass with me. I had the time wrong, so we ended up going to Adoration instead. Before we went in, I told her that Jesus would be right there for us to talk to. After, when I asked her if she talked to Jesus, she said that He said she wouldn’t have to take naps in Heaven. 🙂 We decided we would be so busy praising God and meeting the saints and angels that we wouldn’t have time (or need) to sleep. That was a weird moment, because I was surprised that Liz was excited about Heaven, and that I could be too, even though it seems morbid.

    I don’t know if you are Catholic, but I believe that the Mystical Body of Christ includes the souls in purgatory and Heaven. Even though we no longer have the bodies of the people who have gone before us in faith, they are part of the same Body of Christ, and they are an important part of bringing about the Kingdom of God. Think about it: the faithful on earth are only a fraction of the Church!

    Anyway, I wanted to share that story with you. Obviously I have no idea what God has prepared in Heaven, but I believe that our family of faith, whether on earth or in Heaven, is alive and unified, especially at Mass. Choosing love on earth can have eternal ramifications that allow us to participate in God’s loving plan (albeit in a very different way) even after our death.
    Sorry for all the Catholic imagery if you aren’t Catholic, but if you had to take theology at a Jesuit university, I think you can handle that!

    I hope your summer is going along well!
    -Ann Marie
    (Green team!)

  2. Than You Ann! I really appreciate you sharing your story with me. I was raised Catholic, and I truly believe there is something greater after we die. Instilled in us is this idea that something more exists, something bigger than what we are. I believe that hints toward the idea of God, but also the idea of heaven.
    My summer is going well. Thanks, I hope yours is awesome too!

  3. Hi Key,
    I love what you wrote and I see we are on the same page about dad being alone. I wish I could have been there with him but knowing how he felt he would have wanted it to happen the way it did. I know he is with us each and every day so let’s just remember all of the good times we had with him.
    Love mom.

  4. Sometimes, we do not want people to leave us but like you said as soon as we are born we are someday on the road to death. Some people enter our lives for a purpose other we can care less about. It always seems like the good leaves us first. The bad hang around for a long time. I guess this is why we were always told leave each day like it is your last. Always treat others the we you would want them to treat you. We never no the time of day or the hour our hearts may stop beating. But you blog has brought some very interesting points. Maybe one day our world will be filled with love to override the hatred.

  5. Hi Keyon,
    That article you wrote really makes a person think about their life and what is the reason we are here. True enough anyone that has passed away will be missed. But what we do here on earth and who we affect is another story. Some people tend to leave an edible mark on others and say “I want to be like so and so.” You know what I mean? We all know that heaven is a peaceful place, no more worries, pain and suffering. Sometimes I think about family members and friends that have gone on to Glory before me and wish it were me instead. Life must go on no matter what happens. I know it is hard to do, but we must do it and be prepared ourselves and live each day as if it were our last. We should show that AGAPE love you are talking about to everyone and be happy people. We can make a difference in the lives of others and this crazy world we live in.

    As you know my older brother was alone when he passed and I could not help but think none of his other brothers and sisters were with him. But that’s life and we don’t know the day, time or the hour when we will leave this earth. That amazes me all the time.
    I often think about how my children, husband, brothers and sisters will react with me not being around anymore. I have no idea! That is something that boggles my mind all the time.

    Stay that sweet and loveable person you are and continue to believe that you will see any family members that have passed on. Continue to pray for and be there for all you know. It makes it a little bit easier for you in your time of need. Kepp having that positive attitude and you will be AOK.
    Love ya
    Aunt Diane

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