Well I am deeply sorry that  I have been unable to entertain you in the past few days. My stats bar looks like nearly like a flatline, which hopefully does not resemble the life of my blog. I mean who doesn’t want to know whats going on in my mind right? Laugh out loud for those aim fans out there. Every now and again my ego gets the best of me and forces to make statements of which I truly do not mean…(well partially). However, I only toot my own horn for those that know me well. (Hopefully that isn’t taken too sexually.) If that statement was said aloud amongst my friends and I, I probably would have said “that’s what she said.” No one is here, so I will refrain from saying it aloud . Talking out loud to myself is something that usually occurs more often than not, but I always say if we can have a conversation with ourselves, then we can have a conversation with anyone. I don’t exactly know how accurate that statement is quite yet, but I learn each and every day I suppose. Ah, suppositions. Ideas we somehow support because of experience, but are not quite sold on because we haven’t experience everything. (Shortly after: feels as though that is not an adequate, or even correct definition, but SUPPOSES it will suffice.)

I am going to make a list because I read my friends blog and he has lots of lists on his…shout out to Jose!

10 things that I SUPPOSE…..

10. I suppose its ok that some people dont know what suppositions are.

9.   I suppose its ok that lakers have Ron Artest and not Trevor Ariza….SIKE!

8.   I suppose its ok that Chipotle charges like $2 for guacamole on your burrito because i love  avocados. (not that they don’t give LMU students free drinks anymore.)

7.   I suppose its ok that the Iphone doesn’t have MMS messaging yet… :/.

6.   I suppose its ok that I might have an attention disorder.

5.   I suppose its ok that I have a problem, its not a big deal, and only like 8% of kids have it.

4.  I suppose its ok that I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogony.

3.  I suppose its ok that I have a stuffed animal named Keeto that I sleep with everynight.

2.  I suppose that I could love  Reese’s peanut butter cups as much as I do shrimp tempura roll…. hmmm thats a tough one.

1.  I suppose its ok that  this blog is completely random.

Positively Influence,



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