Swine Flu vs. Flu of 1918

Recent studies have shown that survivors of the devastating flu of 1918 have immunity to the H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as Swine  flu. The early 20th century killer took more lives that The Great War (WWI) and killed more people in one year than the Bubonic Plague did in four years! Scary!

However, so much uproar came with this new influenza virus! Is it the media, or is it an actual threat to humanity?  With an age of technological networking unlike the world has ever seen before, the media undoubtedly plays a role in the craze that is the swine flu. However, this virus should be taken seriously. Biologists cannot predict exactly what flu viruses will occur, they can only look at trends and past statistical data to observe which viruses may be prevalent i nfuture seasons. Viruses are nasty, manipulative things can can change rapidly.

Another reason the Swine Flu should be taken seriously is the fact thats it is a combination of three different strains: avian (bird flu), human, and of course swine. Each of these three strains area harmful by on their own, a combination makes for further danger and more room for mutation into an even deadlier form if the current form persists. 

However, let me not scare you toooo much! About 36,000 people die every year from the regular seasonal flu, which is, if my math serves me correct, about .01%. So dont worry everyone, although we are in phase 6 pandemic, I don’t think we will be reaching 1918 death tolls any time soon. 

some info from:  http://virus.stanford.edu/uda/




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