I told you!!!!! Please please if you don’t read the article on the link above, at least skim it. Also make sure you watch the you tube link at the bottom about Obama saying he smokeD…

17 billion DOLLARS!!!!! (referring to the article)

In my last blog I mentioned that the government should LEGALIZE marijuana!! I was like 70% serious and 30% joking. Nonetheless look at the amount of  money weed already circulates, and that is strictly through medicine, black market, confiscations, etc. So let’s legalize it. However, there have to be some limitations to this staple crop that will bring America back to it’s feet. For example, age restriction,  vending, work regulations, and the amount that one can possess.

No one under age 18 can smoke pot. Which doesn’t really matter because somehow it will make it’s way to the youth….unfortunately.

Vending is going to be an important component to this conrtoversial legalization. They should have weed bars and it should also be allowed to be grown at people’s homes, but they must be registered as “cannabis farmers,” so the government knows the deal.

Peosple should not be allowed to go to work high, that’s just irresponsible. If the nation is given this priviledge I hope to God they will take advantage of it. Lastly, people should able to have limited amounts weed if they are going to be CF’s. Also if they want to be vendors, sure let them that is fine. Not everyone smokes weed nor does everyone want to smoke weed. Hey im just saying people…What do you think

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2 thoughts on “WEGALIZED LEED…wait what?

  1. As much as I would love for it to be legalized so we can save some money, I think it would do more harm than benefit the people. There is nothing that will stop people from going to work/school high, driving high, smoking in front of their kids, etc. Making it legal would mean giving a free pass to being irresponsible, and even though there are people that do not want to smoke weed, they will definitely see it as an option for their stress, its availability will increase because of farmers, thus dropping the price. In the long run, it would be a disaster.
    Not ideal, in my opinion.

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