Can you hear me??? Are you listening?

Riding through the streets of San francisco and seeing all types of people, you begin to realize that the goal of making a large scale difference in the world is a lofty one. Addiction, pain, abuse of sexuality all seem to pervade and live in all facets of life.

Seeing a woman grasp a burger like it was the only thing she had eaten in several days, gave me the desire to write. Her pain and sorrow gave me the inspiration to focus on what I am doing in this world. What am I doing in this world??

Case two: another man just continues to talk and mentions Mozart and the Vietnam war in the same sequence of words. Then he talks to the trolley driver about a simple conversation. Then as we drive away he gives the peace sign from outside through the glass window to a small child sitting in the seat behind me. Then the kid goes on the sing a song. Juuuu peeeee uuuuuu, repeatedly. Then she says “Yippeeee.” This moment along with the other only reminded me of the fact that we are all children of God searching for a meal and just want to be heard.

We are simply cries of help or attention just wanting to be heard and understood.

Positively Influence,


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