A Teenage Love Affair

I always seem to find more out of movies when I watch them more than once, but I must admit I hate the act of re-watching. I guess the initial viewing is more for shock value, then I find myself in discussion amongst my friends repeating phrases like, “Oh do you remember when…,” or “Man! that was so crazy..!” Applicable to both action, horror movies, and sentimental comedies like “Juno.” In the second viewing of this movie, I realized that their are several stories going on, but three main ones. You have the most transparent story of a pregnant teenager giving her baby up for adoption to the couple made up of an infertile woman and a man who sacrifices his inner passion to make her happy. Secondly, you have the story between two teenage lovers, of whom we hear very little about. Juno, who in her desire to remain calm an unaffected in the preganancy and adoption, often uses laughter to lessen the tenseness of the moment, but the audience observes a side of her that no one else in the movie gets to see, until her encounter in the hallway with Bleeker and after she breaks down in the van. We see Juno in her uncertainty, fear, and sadness about the entire situation. She loves Bleeker, and Bleeker loves her, but we are left out on the development of their relationship and are therefore forced into a cloud of uncertainty of how they got to where they are. Teenagers are a body of raging hormones, so that may be excuse enough..or not. Finally you have the true story in which Juno, who was so intent on giving her baby up to a loving couple, now has second thoughts because it will be born into instability. The truth comes out even further when she talks to her father at the table. Before she sits down she says, “Just been out dealing with things way beyond my maturity level.” She also says she is losing faith in humanity. She just wants to know if two people can be happy together. She is young, therefore so much emphasis is put on her, but the main point is the love between Juno and Bleeker. They love each other and they had sex and Juno got pregnant, but because they were young and because of the social construct of society that says people are too young to have a baby, they got terrified and Juno decided to give her baby up for adoption. So instead of living happily ever after, they ALMOST live happily ever after.


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