Today I went to CLC for the first time in a while because we had not gotten a chance to meet in the last year. It was such a warming experience. It reminds me of how much CLC has molded me into being a better person. It has helped me be both closer to God and closer to those around me. There is a light burning inside of me. There is a light burning inside all of us, we just need our lights to all coalesce to shine on the darknesses of the world and have a huge impact. It is possible and it can be done! CLC helped me realize even moreso that I am not the only one uncertain about what the future has in store. Many of my peers are also thinking about graduate school, postgraduate service and other possibilities. This is really the first time in my life where I don’t know what the next step will be. There are many options and routes I could take. The homily at mass today was beautiul and it was what I really needed to hear. Bishop Bennet awed us with his eloquence and now with his words of wisdom, I feel a little better. I am realizing that I need to think with my heart not about how far grades or standardized tests can take me. If my heart is in it, I can do anything!!

Influence Positively,



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