Cub, Lion…Trojan?

Loyola High School Cubs…check. Loyola Marymount University Lions…check. University of Southern California Trojan…TBD. It was only right that I continued the progression in the cat family, but if my knowledge of science and history holds true, trojans are not in the same species. Heck, they are not even in the same family or genus! As a matter of fact they are not evolutionarily close at all. Maybe I am holding onto this desire to have razor-sharp teeth, loathe hyenas, and to be dubbed as “the king of the jungle” just a little bit too seriously, but the act of sleeping over fifteen hours a day is something I could get used to. However, for the next two years, sleeping may be out of the question. Good thing I am used to that. In obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology  from LMU, along with being involved in a slew of other activities, I am sure I slept less than a quarter of the time I was there. I have been accepted into the 2-year Masters of Social Work program at the University of Southern California. I will focus on the health concentration. It is truly and honor and a blessing that I am looking forward to. I am worried about the cost of the program, as well as the desire for science that will be momentarily put on hold, but I am sure I have been placed in the position for a reason.

Be safe, Dont do drugs,


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