I keep writing in so many different locations. It’s almost as if you read this blog religiously, then you would think I never wrote at all. However, I have about 6 different places where I write, and 66.7 percent of that literature will never be seen by the eyes of another human being. It almost makes me sad. I love sharing my writing with people, but the ratio of ‘written by me to seen by others’ is definitely lopsided. So what is the point? Jeffrey Gitomer said that writing brings you wealth. I guess that is what I am subliminally attempting. However, I have been writing for years and I am still poor, which goes to tell me that true writers don’t write for wealth. We write to learn, think, exercise our brains and to understand ourselves and the world around us. There is no guarantee that these values will be attained from writing, but it is a way to debrief and to contemplate the present, past, and future state of mind in some capacity. We often make decisions now (present) based off of experience (past) and to affect what will happen (future). Not only does writing allow for this, but prayer, yoga, and meditation do as well. Therefore, I will keep writing, whether or not I gain wealth from it.

Positively Influence,



One thought on “Write

  1. You keep writing and I will find you. Its okay to post in several places beacuse you are always on the go. Peple will find you where ever you are.
    Love you.

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