Kill Holly Wood

A 50-year old Alabama man named “Holly Wood” killed his ex girlfriend, was put on trial, and is sentenced to the death penalty. The problem: he is mentally incompetent, or what some individuals in our society would refer to as -I cringe every time I hear it-“retarded.” He has an IQ of 64, and an IQ of 70 is “significantly sub-average” in the state of Alabama. He is scheduled to be killed after his case made it to the supreme court where he was convicted. As if the details were not vague enough, the reports state that his defense lawyers “neglected” to mention that he was in fact mentally challenged. The defense attorneys were only paid $1000 to work the trial and one of them has been practicing law for lest than 1 year!

I have an issue with the death penalty. I do not believe in solving murder with murder. This is not Hammurabi’s Code and we have come too far for the “eye for an eye” mentality. So what now? An article on is in support of this man’s life. I am also in support of this man’s life. Although he killed a woman that does not mean he needs to be killed. Just because he is not as smart as the average person does not mean his life should be done away with! Put him in prison or an insane asylum Where will the justice system stop ? This judgement devalues a life.
How do you guys feel about this?


2 thoughts on “Kill Holly Wood

  1. We can’t kill the killers AND call ourselves an advanced nation. Thinking that we have the right to decide what happens to a man’s life is a classic example of American arrogance — and also an indicator of just how stunted our moral awareness is as a country. To completely overlook what experience has taught both killers’ and victims’ families — that the death penalty does not bring the closure so often touted by death penalty advocacy groups, nor the justice that courts have an obligation to bring the American people — in the name of what seems intuitive is a shameful taking of the easy way out.

    So yeah, Key. I agree with you. Have you read “Dead Man Walking”? The book is way, way better than the movie. Fired me up. Highly recommend it. Wrote a bit about it on my own blog, too.

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