What kind of fundraiser is this?!

I REALLY do not know how I feel about this World Aids Day Fundraiser going on with celebrities “digitally dying” and begging there fans to donate money for their “resurrection.”
How do you feel? Please, I’d like to know.
As for me, I guess it’s plausible that the same amount of money spent on a CD can be donated to fight HIV/AIDS. Right? Let’s think about this. Is this exploitation? Is this a bribe? So you’re saying that if I do not donate money that you’re not going to tweet? Quite frankly, I could care less if a celebrity tweets or not. I must note that I unfollowed DIDDY-no one cares about ciroc that much! This “punishment” makes it seem as if celebrity tweets are the end all be all of our lives. It makes it seem like if they do not tweet, we do not live. Please do not get me wrong. I am one of the biggest social justice advocates out there, and I often believe that desperate times call for desperate measures. However, in a recession, the most powerful tool-and what will always be the most powerful tool- is knowledge. Now one can argue that the one million dollars raised will help educate, promote awareness, and promote research, (and I can argue for this point as well) but as a celebrity and someone with so much more power, why not live this message? Why not integrate social justice into your twitter timelines more often? Just because it’s WORLD AIDS DAY does not give you the platform to promote your intermittent socially conscious ways.
Why is the minimum $10? What if I really want to donate money and cannot afford that much?
Why is the cap 1 million dollars?
At the rate things are going, I guess Kim Kardashian won’t be tweeting until….actually, I’ll get back to you on that.
Well that’s it for now….
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Thanks for reading!

Positively influence,



2 thoughts on “What kind of fundraiser is this?!

  1. i thought it was really creepy last night when i read that and see their bodies in funeral boxes. to me, death is a very serious issue. i instantly think of the loss of loved ones. therefore, putting yourself in a coffin as “digitally dying” is just insulting and hurtful. yet, on the bright side, what are the intentions? to raise money to help support the fight against aids. will they raise money? maybe. will it work? i hope so. do the ends justify the means? there are better ways, but at this point in our society, desperation and any motive or tactic without breaking morals and laws to help fight this war and save lives is necessary.

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