Energize The World

Humans are such fragile things. I heard that over 90% of
the earth’s population suffers from mental illness. I guess a topic
such as mental illness should be taken more serious than hearsay,
but I believe in this phantom statistic. One of the main goals of
mental health organizations is to offer services that allow
individuals and families to function in society. However,
functioning in a world full of malfunctions is a daunting and an
almost futile task. Of course, individuals have congenital
disorders, but in some situations psychosocial factors contribute
to the inability of individuals to “function.” A tumultuous world
filled with violence, poverty, hunger, misunderstanding, and a lack
of compassion often breeds the so-called mental illness so
prevalent in our world. Disorder begets disorder. However, I
believe that even disorder has a pattern. It may be beneficial or
conducive to more chaos. Entropy is believed to increase unless
energy is input to the system to contribute to its stability. In
this world we live in, we have to be the energy contributing to the
balance of. In order to contribute to a world full of mental
illness there must be a way in which the mentally ill are not
leading the mentally ill. Take care of yourself in the least
detrimental way possible. I do believe everyone is a little
“crazy.” If we were not, then we would not be human. As humans, we
hurt, we cry, we fail, we smile, we laugh, we live, and we die.
However before we die maybe we can input energy into this world to
make it a little more stable than it was before we were born.

Positively Influence,



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