Dreams Help Us Cope

“Dreams feel real while where in them, its only when we wake up that we realized something was actually strange”



For every dream there are two stories, what actually happened in the dream and one’s interpretation of that dream as they tell it to the world. In a way, it is actually the first time the event is being revealed to the world, and although the dream may be abnormal or different, it is usually dismissed as just a dream. Some utter that dreams are just dreams. They can be scary, weird, complex, and a number of other adjectives, but what if dreams were more than just dreams, what if they manifested some sort of reality, some alternate dimension in which one’s brain uses as a coping mechanism? The mind is a fascinating and powerful force that regulates everything the body does. In my opinion, and with my detailed experiences with odd and complex thoughts, dreams are nothing more than coping mechanisms for the mind. I used to think that my dreams were so weird, and far too complex to be made sense of, but as I began writing my dreams down, I started to realize that they dreams followed some sort of sequence or pattern. Each and every dream I have is nothing more than a replica or symbol of ideas that I have in my conscious stream of thought. It feels so real while I am in the dream, but when I wake up, I am thrust into a state of confusion and bewilderment. When I debrief and actually think about what occurred in the dream, they present as nothing more than worries, feelings, thoughts, and other concepts that I have. Dreams often include reoccurring thoughts or idea present in one’s life, but the emphasis that dreams are coping mechanisms instead of cause for alarm is not as prevalent. If our brain is able to concoct these ideas during sleep when we can unknowingly process them and address them, that may cause stress in our lives, but it truly gives one time to think about the dream and allows them to process dreams in a manner that is conducive to health rather than detriment. I used to say that dreams do not mean anything, but I am slowly starting to realize that dreams are illustrious examples of the real world. They are often not sugarcoated and come in many different forms and characters and scripts, but if one is to read between the lines, they might realize that dreams are not as far off as they appear.

What do you dream about?

Positively Influence,





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