Nature or Nurture?

Is there a clear-cut answer to the question of nature versus nurture? I was a biology major as an undergrad, and I learned my fair share of scientific explanations that suggest the causes of behavior. Structure contributes to function (e.g. cells). Currently, as  a graduate student in the School of Social Work , I have the unique opportunity to use a term like “biopsychosocial.” Even before my science courses, I realized that nature AND nurture contribute to the development of humans. I want some input from YOU, the readers. What do you all think about this question?

Positively Influence,


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3 thoughts on “Nature or Nurture?

  1. Well using the biopsychosocial model, it is a combination of all the biological and environmental factors which influence and affect a person… You are so fortunate to be an expert on both sides now 🙂

  2. Hi Key,
    I use the nature vs. nurture in my class room when dealing with the students and thier parents. There has always been some confusion as to when and where you are using them. For me I use both just about the same daily. Some children need a little more nurturing than others. Especially in dealing with the very young children that are away from thier parents for the first time.

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