Stereotypical Success for African-American Males?

In my Addiction Course our teacher asked us to brainstorm different stereotypes for different races. The group I was apart of talked about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Another group was designated to talk about African-Americans. During the presentation of stereotypes for African-Americans, the determinants of “making it” were usually due to selling drugs, athleticism, rapping, and a slew of other stereotypes that were not as emphasized as the three I specifically mentioned. Would you agree that these are the only ways for African-Americans males to succeed in America?(feedback highly invited) In many cases the answer is yes. I find it to be a blessing that I am/was an athlete and I rap, yet I am still accomplishing goals through education, activism, and volunteerism. I am a responsible, intelligent, and motivated African-American young adult male with dreams that seem unfathomable to many. However, these are my dreams, and I hold them dear to my heart.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes to these stereotypes because many young black males do not have necessary resources (eg. role models, adequate education, etc.) to achieve all that they are capable of, thus creating a cyclic pattern for many African-American males of today and the young  ones of tomorrow to succumb to the perils of a struggle that will only be changed through advocation and community activism. I know this is not the case for all African-American males, but unfortunately statistics demonstrate the disadvantages plaguing this demographic.

Positively Influence,



2 thoughts on “Stereotypical Success for African-American Males?

  1. hopefully these stereotypes won’t last for long .. if i were to name some of the most influential people today, i would definitely include obama, oprah, rice, tons of musicians, muhammad ali, malcolm x, dr. king (still influencing until today) .. they make up the majority of my list!!

    1. I agree with your list of influential blacks in America. I really hope these stereotypes do not last. It will take time, but if we all act as advocates of change by standing for what is right and live as examples, the world will be a better place.

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