WTD: Nefarious and “Dr. Nefarious”

I was reading this article titled  “Why Lil Wayne’s ‘Carter IV’ Outsold Jay-Z and Kanye’s ‘Throne'” and I came across the word NEFARIOUS. I thought it would be an interesting word to share with my readers. It jumped out to me because I learned what it meant a while back, but I forgot so I just had to make it a WTD.

Nefarious |niˈfe(ə)rēəs| adj

(typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal : the nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates. Source (MAC Dictionary)

I thought it would also be interesting to google “nefarious”  and use the first picture that came up. Want to learn more about this “Dr. Nefarious”? Check out this article from Wikia. Have any of you heard of this character? I feel like all my video game readers might know who he is. Let me know if you do.

I think its funny how this article started with   Jay-Z, Kanye, and Lil’ Wayne and ended with Dr. Nefarious. Maybe Dr. Nefarious should be in Kanye’s next video-just a thought.

Message of the day: Do not be NEFARIOUS in your future endeavors:)

Positively Influence,



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