When I am at my best, I (Poem)

When I am at my best, I

Lead by examples

Exemplifying Margaret M., Steve I., Oscar R., Thomas M., Richard C. C.,

Only to fall into a crevasse of the humbled footsteps of such giants

I may not be able to attend every event

But Rest assured that I am most always present

Not blasphemous or omnipresent

Just listening with a mind that makes my heart incandescent

Then ideas flutter with a sense of humor

Able to lighten the mood even in the presence of a tumor

United we fall divided we’re losers

Leaving a room full of angry kids sutured

Putting them back together again

I can work the nets of crowds

Swaying the room like a composer

Mastering the ceremony

Emphatically and charismatically

Thriving off the extroversion

To a flaw…less, victory

Or vice versa

Both buying and selling my own personal brand

Its not personal, I empathize

My ambition is inwardly motivated

Outwardly delusional

Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?

All questions I can answer now

The only question that remains for you…

Is How?

Positively Influence,


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