Prayer for Aurora

Dear God,

May the souls of those who perished be forever remembered for their smiles, laughs, and dignity. Many loved ones were lost, but now my Lord, they are resting painlessly, peacefully, and worry free with you. It is understood that you make the plans God, but it still hurts. May you hold the friends and families of those who passed away in your loving embrace. Provide strength for them, and allow them to be gentle with their hearts, minds and souls. Those who are left behind will feel angry, lost, confused, and sad. May all these feelings be given up to you lord. For it is in you that we find resolve. Although, James Holmes has committed an atrocious crime, I pray for him. Honestly, God I do not know what was going in his brain, but I know he was not well. May the souls of those now gone rest with you in heaven, and the souls left behind find grace in their loss.



3 thoughts on “Prayer for Aurora

  1. As the people of Aurora deal with their loss it is prayers like this that will get them through thier grief and hurting hearts. Thank you for this loving prayer.

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