Thoughts on the Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

CNN reported that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer would likely veto the anti-gay rights bill (she has 5 days to do so.). The Bill was passed by the state legislature last Thursday. The word likely implies doubt regardless of the context. For humanity’s sake, this Bill should be vetoed. Just to give a little background for those who do not know what is doing on, this measure posits business owners can deny service to Gays and Lesbians, based on religion…..


Yeah, that’s how I felt to when I read this. With a Jesuit education and a social work background, I consider myself to be one of the most understanding people on the planet, but this is a measure I simply cannot understand. Its not bill that is the problem. I get it; Homophobia lives! Its the reasoning that makes this issue much less palatable. In many cases, it’s ok you use religion as justification for for disapproval: murder….uhhh blood transfusions…uhhh…abortion…uhhh…not purchasing health insurance…Ok, well maybe there is no clear cut example of when religion justifies what you should and should not do. However in the case of refusing service to members of the gay community, I do not think that is justified. I am a man of faith, and I understand the invaluable role religion plays in people’s lives, but we have to look at each human being with dignity and worth, regardless of ANYTHING. If a gay person was starving to death, would you not provide them with water/food? What if it was your family member? What next:

I can’t serve you because your skin color is against my religion.

I can’t serve you because you are political stance is against my religion.

I can’t serve you because you are poor.

I can’t serve you because your face looks weird.

We are still talking about Arizona’s SB 1070 and its permission of racial profiling. If signed into law, this new bill will create sexuality profiling.

Give me a break!

Governor Jan Brewer, your move.

Positively Influence,



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