UC Davis SOM Workout Wednesday- “AGGIE”

Three weeks ago, I reached out to my classmates about an idea I mulled over for several weeks: Workout Wednesday (WW). UC Davis School of medicine has a wellness event for just about every day of the week. Yoga classes enlighten the first part of the week as we try to maintain our sanity and Futbol Fridays cap off a week of 603482430 lectures before play catchup on the weekends. But, something was missing. We needed something to release the frustration in the middle of the week, thus, Workout Wednesday!!

Ok, i’ll just be honest, it was really about the alliteration!

Anyway, today we are doing a workout I designed call the “AGGIE.” It’s our school mascot, and I figured it would be a fun attempt making WW more sustainable.


5 rounds for Time:

Body Squats 21

15 Situps

9 Dive-Bomber Pushups

Run 120m

Positively Influence,


Photo Credit: Ian Kim

Photo: Ian Kim, MS2


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