Workout Wednesday- “40-40 Club”

Workout Wednesday

July 22, 2015

Dynamic Warm Up

-Jog 0.5 miles

-20 Circling Jumping Jacks, 20 Side-ways arm swinging skips (switch half-way), Skips for height,

-Walking Toe Touches, Walking Knee Holds, Walking Knee Grabs, Ankle Rolls both ways, (10-15 Steps each-Jog it out)

-High Knees 30 yards

-A skips 30 yards

-C-skips 30 yards

-3 straight sprints (50 meters, increasing in velocity each one shuffle step back to start in between (50%, 50%, 75%))

Strength/Endurance Workout

      “40-40 Club”

4 Sets of:

Walking Lunges (10 meters)

10 Crunches

10 Body Squats

10 pushups

Run Stairs

-Jog .5 miles slowly  (shoes and socks optional)

-Static Stretching as Group.

Positively Influence,



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