Starving for Diversity

While sitting here prepping for my pediatrics preceptor visit, I came across this video(below) shared by my brother Marvin L. Mills II​. The lack of diversity in the writer’s room allows stereotypes, err racism, to thrive. This not only applies to film and television; but also, it pertains to medicine. I am grateful to be at one of the most- if not THE most- diverse medical schools in the country. Diversity is not just a matter of socially constructed concepts like race and gender. It is found in different opinions, ideas, belief systems, and life experiences. When all of these concepts come to the table, the menu caters to a nourishing sustenance that alters schemas into a much more palatable and tolerant form. Whether are not the invitations to the table exist, is often the crux of the matter, as systemic ideologies and institutionalized barriers deprive the “carte du jour” of the opportunity for diverse satiety. When the “token” representative is the only one at the table, it is burdensome, yet this person often serves as an icebreaker to a glacier that is an entendre. On one hand this person has a story to tell, which is much more than surface deep. Secondly, others perceive this token at face value or the top of the glacier as one riddled with notions entrenched by stereotypes, media, fear, judgement, and prejudice. The challenge is then for this person to break through the mold of years of prescription, survive, and hopefully create a lane for those who follow to run in, while also contributing to the tolerance of their present audience. In a way, this cycle has taken shape, as evidenced by the Civil Rights Movement, the first biracial (black) president, interracial marriage, and the exhaustive list that can follow. However, the need for concepts like #blacklivesmatter, #icantbreath or the existence unequal pay for women, the lack of diversity in higher education, or republican candidates who I refuse to name, shows us that still have some work to do!

Positively Influence,


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