The Silencing of Women

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s punishment on the Senate floor serves as a symbol to a larger problem in our society: The Silencing of Women. Senator Warren is one of the most powerful and outspoken voices in our country, yet even she has been silenced at the hands of men who do not wish to hear her truth. Not only her truth, but also the voice of another iconic woman, Coretta Scott King. Make no mistake, women are constantly forced to take back seats to male opinion and ego. In my medical school classes, I often counted how many times my male counterparts (in some cases, myself included) would speak before our female colleagues uttered a word. Moments like this happened more often than I can remember. We have created a society in which our women and young girls often feel unsafe, less smart, and unworthy. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reaffirmed that message when he silenced two women who attempted to speak against the unjust  and blatant racist practices of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.

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