VOICE: Donald Trump’s Homage to Adolf Hitler


Donald Trump delivered his first speech to a Joint Congress last night. He was more optimistic than usual, even garnering a standing ovation for “using” Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens as tool for sympathy. However, he made one immensely dangerous and contradicting point that will continue to harm America, and we must not forget it. He introduced us to a new fear mongering mnemonic, VOICE: Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement. The fact that engagement was forced just to make the mnemonic is beyond the point. The real issue is that it pays homage to the propagandist rhetoric of tyrants like Adolf Hitler who blamed Jews in inflammatory speeches. Majority of violent crimes committed in this country are by American citizens. At this point, Donald Trump serves as a catalyst for so much violence toward immigrants and minority groups. This fact contradicts his statement to work on bipartisan immigration reform. How can you reach across the aisle, when you are fueling civil unrest on a grand scale? With the use of VOICE, resistance from members of both parties is mandatory. The irony is sickening. A voice is a symbol of freedom, hope, and validity. It is the opportunity to share what is on your mind and soul. For this man to use it as a tactic to isolate and denigrate immigrants who make our country so rich, is unforgiveable.

Positively Influence,