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This Blog is dedicated to you. Thank you all so very much for helping me in the pursuit of the Gold Standard Scholarship sponsored by the NBA, Bacardi, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Voting is now closed, and I will not find out if I received the $30,000 scholarship until June 27 or 28th at a reception in Miami. We did our best. 50% of the decision is still to be decided by the Gold Standard scholarship committee. We can not ask for anything but our best efforts. Words will not suffice as a thank you for your daily votes, for your tweets, for your Facebook posts, and for spreading the word. Like I said in the mini interview, this scholarship is not for me, it is for us. I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! Thank you.

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I told you!!!!! Please please if you don’t read the article on the link above, at least skim it. Also make sure you watch the you tube link at the bottom about Obama saying he smokeD…

17 billion DOLLARS!!!!! (referring to the article)

In my last blog I mentioned that the government should LEGALIZE marijuana!! I was like 70% serious and 30% joking. Nonetheless look at the amount of  money weed already circulates, and that is strictly through medicine, black market, confiscations, etc. So let’s legalize it. However, there have to be some limitations to this staple crop that will bring America back to it’s feet. For example, age restriction,  vending, work regulations, and the amount that one can possess.

No one under age 18 can smoke pot. Which doesn’t really matter because somehow it will make it’s way to the youth….unfortunately.

Vending is going to be an important component to this conrtoversial legalization. They should have weed bars and it should also be allowed to be grown at people’s homes, but they must be registered as “cannabis farmers,” so the government knows the deal.

Peosple should not be allowed to go to work high, that’s just irresponsible. If the nation is given this priviledge I hope to God they will take advantage of it. Lastly, people should able to have limited amounts weed if they are going to be CF’s. Also if they want to be vendors, sure let them that is fine. Not everyone smokes weed nor does everyone want to smoke weed. Hey im just saying people…What do you think

Positively Influence,



OPEN THE JAILS!…seriously?

I know we don’t have money but Damn!


“For every 5,000 felons who receive an early release, 45,500 new crimes will be committed over a three-year period, and 9,000 of those crimes will be violent felonies. Applied to the 20,000 felons set for release under the budget proposal, this would result in an estimated 182,000 new crimes being committed over the next three years – 35,000 of them violent felonies!”


Early release of felons?! What the heck kind of strategy is that. The school districts are already laying off teachers and now they want to corrupt the world even more by releasing felons. You have to be kidding me!! How about we think of some other budgeting strategies like making shoes cheaper by 25% and cigarettes $30 dollars a pack (but then that might just produce more felons because people will be angry all the time for there cancer sticks being the same price as 1/2 a tank of gas….). Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! How about we legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it. The economy will bounce back in a minimum if 3… maybe 6 months. Marijuana will increase supermarket spending for late night munchies and it will give everyone that “natural” high they are looking for. It will allow everyone to just slow down and think about the world in a whole new light.

Now I know this may be a bit of a deviation from my motto of  “Positively Influence” but it is the lesser of two evils. I would rather buy a new pair of shoes, get high, and buy taco bell at 2:00am than let the jails felons out because we are broke. (I don’t smoke).


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ps. Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors. I wrote this all on my iPhone.

Swine Flu vs. Flu of 1918

Recent studies have shown that survivors of the devastating flu of 1918 have immunity to the H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as Swine  flu. The early 20th century killer took more lives that The Great War (WWI) and killed more people in one year than the Bubonic Plague did in four years! Scary!

However, so much uproar came with this new influenza virus! Is it the media, or is it an actual threat to humanity?  With an age of technological networking unlike the world has ever seen before, the media undoubtedly plays a role in the craze that is the swine flu. However, this virus should be taken seriously. Biologists cannot predict exactly what flu viruses will occur, they can only look at trends and past statistical data to observe which viruses may be prevalent i nfuture seasons. Viruses are nasty, manipulative things can can change rapidly.

Another reason the Swine Flu should be taken seriously is the fact thats it is a combination of three different strains: avian (bird flu), human, and of course swine. Each of these three strains area harmful by on their own, a combination makes for further danger and more room for mutation into an even deadlier form if the current form persists. 

However, let me not scare you toooo much! About 36,000 people die every year from the regular seasonal flu, which is, if my math serves me correct, about .01%. So dont worry everyone, although we are in phase 6 pandemic, I don’t think we will be reaching 1918 death tolls any time soon. 

some info from:  http://virus.stanford.edu/uda/




Well I am deeply sorry that  I have been unable to entertain you in the past few days. My stats bar looks like nearly like a flatline, which hopefully does not resemble the life of my blog. I mean who doesn’t want to know whats going on in my mind right? Laugh out loud for those aim fans out there. Every now and again my ego gets the best of me and forces to make statements of which I truly do not mean…(well partially). However, I only toot my own horn for those that know me well. (Hopefully that isn’t taken too sexually.) If that statement was said aloud amongst my friends and I, I probably would have said “that’s what she said.” No one is here, so I will refrain from saying it aloud . Talking out loud to myself is something that usually occurs more often than not, but I always say if we can have a conversation with ourselves, then we can have a conversation with anyone. I don’t exactly know how accurate that statement is quite yet, but I learn each and every day I suppose. Ah, suppositions. Ideas we somehow support because of experience, but are not quite sold on because we haven’t experience everything. (Shortly after: feels as though that is not an adequate, or even correct definition, but SUPPOSES it will suffice.)

I am going to make a list because I read my friends blog and he has lots of lists on his…shout out to Jose!

10 things that I SUPPOSE…..

10. I suppose its ok that some people dont know what suppositions are.

9.   I suppose its ok that lakers have Ron Artest and not Trevor Ariza….SIKE!

8.   I suppose its ok that Chipotle charges like $2 for guacamole on your burrito because i love  avocados. (not that they don’t give LMU students free drinks anymore.)

7.   I suppose its ok that the Iphone doesn’t have MMS messaging yet… :/.

6.   I suppose its ok that I might have an attention disorder.

5.   I suppose its ok that I have a problem, its not a big deal, and only like 8% of kids have it.

4.  I suppose its ok that I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogony.

3.  I suppose its ok that I have a stuffed animal named Keeto that I sleep with everynight.

2.  I suppose that I could love  Reese’s peanut butter cups as much as I do shrimp tempura roll…. hmmm thats a tough one.

1.  I suppose its ok that  this blog is completely random.

Positively Influence,


Are you afraid to die?

With the recent onset of “popular” death (no pun intended), I have begun to think about the influence a death has. So often, we are asked “Are You Afraid of death?” Maybe not exactly in that context, but some reference is made towards death and dying.  It is safe to say that as soon as we are conceived we are on our road to death, but even before we take our final resting place, we have an effect on the world in some way, shape, or form. Even the mother that decides to dispose of her child in the dumpster behind a dark alley is affected by that life, both psychologically and physically. “Every action has a reaction” I personally feel conception is enough to make a lasting effect (another debate altogether about existence, abortion, and other related topics.)

I sat on a plane, my destination I cannot exactly remember, feeling extremely sad and unsettled at the thought of me dying from a plane crash, or some other accident. What if I were no longer able to see my mother, my sister, my family, my friends, and everyone else who is important in my life? At this moment in my  life, I felt a feeling that I had never felt before. I did not care about my own life. All I could think about was how my mom, sister, and friends would mourn over my death. I think these are some of the same sentiments my dad was thinking right before his death. Sometimes, I still cannot believe he went at that time of day, like that, with no one their, it saddens me and makes me feel out of my skin every single time I tink about it. (But I digress).  I am so used to being present for my friends in times of need, but if I were gone, then I wouldn’t be able to console them, hug them, pray for and with them. I am used to displaying AGAPE. A love that is giving, pure, selfless, motivated, and sincere. On the plane, I had this utter feeling of AGAPE, and if I was dead  I wouldn’t be able to share it. I am alive and I can love, we can all love to change the world. Somewhere in history, humanity created a web of deceit and sin that causes us to fuss, fight, and hate, but peace must be restored and it is up to us to do so. We can have an effect on the world. Rather negatively or positively we influence others in some way. It is up to us to live, and as we live, we must make the world a better place before we die.

Positively Influence,


A little info about me

My  name is Keyon Mitchell, and I am from Los Angeles, California where the sun always supposedly shining. I am currently 20 years old, and at this moment highly anticipating my 21st birthday (of which I will not say the date just yet.) I am a rising senior Loyola Marymount University, a smaller institution that plays an important role in my development as a human being in my journey to do the MAGIS. It is a Jesuit institution, which in great part, embodies the ways of St. Ignatius in the movement of “being men AND women for AND WITH others.”  I am studying Biology and simultaneously “attempting” to acquire a minor in English, simply to feed my inner ARTIST. I am deeply involved in my campus and community in an attempt to POSITIVELY INFLUENCE everyone I come into contact with. I am a jumper/sprinter for LMU Track and Field “GO LIONS” and a member of  ΣΦΕ.

I mentioned I am an artist: I represent Honor Flow Productions, shout out to DJ-CHUCK, PAUL, DORM 25, RAY-RAY, and all of our fans. We have been working on an album for about 4 years now, and I cannot wait until it DONE. The progression of the album is mind-boggling, but that is another story all-together. We change the game by bringing funky hip-hop with touches of r&b, blues, and even hints of rock….LOOK out for “V.I.S.I.O.N.S.”   I love to write poetry and prose or just reflections on my day, some may call it “journaling.” I am a man of faith and believe in the power of God and the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. I love to talk to people and get a feel for personality, culture, and passions. I am a hopeless romantic that has fallen in love before and looks forward to the day of finding that special girl who isn’t afraid to fall with me. I love sports and being active and at more than 40% of my day is spent eating, so I usually have a lot of stored energy. I am an easy going guy. I hope you continue to come back and read to get a feel of who I am, and how and why I want to change the world.

Positively Influence