Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman My $0.02

Mr. Zimmerman shows signs of delusion and paranoia as evidenced by numerous calls he made as a neighbor watch volunteer. Why did he have a gun in the first place? This case is outrageous and extremely sad. He wanted to be a cop, but was not able to, so becoming a homicidal vigilante was the next best thing.


No “Niggers” and No “Injuns” ???!!

New Edition of Mark Twain\’s Huck Finn to lose the N-Word (video)

If you haven’t heard, Mark Twain’s classic “Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn” will be released sans the words “Nigger”(replaced
with ‘slave’) and “Injun”(omitted). Teachers reported that the
words have no place in the classroom. While I do agree that these
words have no business in social circles, I believe it’s presence
in the text makes room for educators to teach why the word should
not be used. While the presence of these words open the door for
children to use them in demeaning ways, it makes teachers and
parents responsible by forcing them to make sure children know
about critical parts of American History. I remember passing over
the word “nigger” in my English class in high school while reading
Huck Finn. My American Literature teacher Mrs. Walsh briefed us on
why we pretended the word was not there, but it stuck out like a
sore thumb. The only way to heal a sore thumb is to know where it
is at all times and take care of it. I have an idea. Why not just
teach the book later in our academic careers, at an age where we
are able to read it with a more mature mind? Bottom line: I believe
the words should remain. What do you think??

Positively Influence,