up way past my bed time
f it I’m in my prime
hours creep by like tumbleweeds
i’m riding on the energy of the winds

of a past life filled with whens
filled with wins
that we’re committed with lessons
taught by the shackles ofoppression

we work harder than we’ve been ground black
harder than we’ve been browned black
and with a sincerity true like heart attacks

fueled by lost ones
i am a lost son
falling short of those lost sons
who never had one

so complacency is shunned
we’ve come so far
look what we’ve done
only to get to the end and realize
the race has just begun


Commencement Speech: Who are you?

Today my Godmother graduated with a Masters of Business Administration! Congrats Auntie!!!
The commencement speaker for her graduation delivered one the most dynamic speeches I have ever heard. His oration built itself on the foundation of words. He said the words “I am,” in many ways, speak into existence whatever sequence of words that follow them. I am intelligent. I am loving. I am invaluable. What are you? Who do you aim to be? I hope you aim to be an agent of positive change in this world.
If you are something, please comment with “I am_________. “

Damper On the Dawn

It truly puts a damper on the dawn when you get a call at 5 something in the am, mid sleep. But what is worse is the fact that it is from a lonely old woman who sits handicapped in her apartment building, delusional. She sees women in scarves smoking outside of her window. Her knees, swollen, the size of grapefruits, her legs and feet swollen as well. It is a sad site to see. The thought of her lonesome rings even sadder in realizing no one is there to help her get out of bed. No one is there to lift her up when she falls. She is living alone when she shouldn’t be and that is the saddest part. I remember telling my mom that it just doesn’t make sense that she is alone. Then I think to myself, would I be willing to end her lonesome. I am not all I am cracked up to be. I don’t think I would have the heart or the strength to live with her and take care of her. It’s easier said than done and I have seen the amount of work it takes. It is a true test of if this desire I have to be selfless is real, it is a humbling experience to let me know that I am not there yet. I still have some growing to do. I have more of life to experience.

Positively Influence,